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Sky-Wiz Kitchen and Bar

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Agustus 2013
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SKY- WIZ RESTOWelcome to Sky-Wiz Kitchen and Bar, We offer you the luxurious taste of food and beverages. Found the cozy moments and outstanding interior of our cafe ? Our indoor and outdoor lively atmosphere is still everyone’s preference on a hot sunny day. We try to create a warm ambiance that will make everybody feel cozy being in it. Our extensive menus of food and beverage try to please everybody. Sky-Wiz Kitchen And Bar is all about celebrating food. We have so many menus such as dimsum and suki that can be shared amongst a few people or western cuisine and chinese cuisine. That is the idea of sharing so that everyone can enjoy while listening to Jazz or live music as a background sound.? Our chef also brings out the best of western as well as asian dishes to satisfy your hunger. If you want to eat light, try our sweet dessert that will make the deal. So, whenever you are in Yogyakarta, please drop by. And for the locals, whenever you need a place to hangout or simply need something to eat, or need a room for your event such as birthday party, meeting room,etc. Please remember that we are here to serve you all.?

Produk unggulan

  • Suki dan Dimsum
  • Western Food
  • Indonesia Food

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Jl. Magelang Km 5,2 No 67, Yogyakarta

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